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His Most Famous Sculpture – The Spirit of Haida Gwaii – Bill Reid

William Ronald Reid, or Bill Reid (1920-1998), was a multitalented Canadian artist with capabilities in painting, sculpturing, and jewelry making. He had his maternal ancestry from Haida in Pacific Northwest, which along with his artistic heritage, became the driving force in his artistic pursuits. Two great sculptures, “The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Black Canoe” (1991) and “The Spirit of…

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What The Famous Flowers Of Thailand Symbolize

The thought of flowers bring us images of beautiful things. No matter what our moods may be, the sight of a flower can evoke positive emotions, at least for most of us. But because they are so commonplace, their true value is often overlooked. The significance of flowers in Thailand is not just about their beauty. They play a great…

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