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Green Bridesmaid Dresses – Shades Of Green

The color green is often associated with growth and life. Green is a bold and jovial choice of accent color for bridesmaid dresses. Use green to brighten up the party and bring radiance and general merriment to your affair. Green really works wonders to spruce up springtime weddings. Think about the difference between the effect that bright green bridesmaid dresses…

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Ronald Flynn: The Green Energy Advocate

To someone who doesn’t know the real Ronald Flynn might believe all the bad things some people wrote about him on the internet. But really, who is Ronald Flynn and what is intriguing about this man? He is an American environmentalist, philanthropist, and the Founder, CEO of True Green Energy Group. He is also the founder of Spectrum Blue Steel…

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Have a Green Wedding

Apart from choosing your wedding dress, how do you plan on your wedding themes? The color green symbolizes life, nature and health. It is not a particularly popular color for Wedding color schemes. However, although greens are unlikely to be the primary color, they can work well at both a Beach wedding and a garden one. Light, minty greens are…

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