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The Northern Lights in Lapland

The Northern lights are a rare phenomenon and occur typically in and around the Arctic Circle. The best times to view these amazing lights in the sky are at the start of December through to March and they are typically seen in December and January. In Lapland you don’t really have to travel far in order to see the beautiful…

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See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Wrap up Warm Because you will be outside watching the night sky, seeking out the Northern lights can be a cold proposition. If you are not prepared properly for the low temperatures at night time you may not fully enjoy the Northern Lights. Iceland’s annual temperatures vary from about 4°C to a low of -25°C, but the best time to…

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Wedding Traditions Of Eastern Europe’s Northern Region

Wedding traditions in Eastern Europe has so much history to it that a history book on this subject alone can be written. For the countries of Estonia and Lithuania, they may include some of the oddest traditions of them all. Estonia The country of Estonia may in fact have the oddest wedding traditions of any other country. How much is…

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