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The Reagan Legacy

Long before he was elected President, Ronald Reagan was asking military and other experts whether there was any alternative to the U.S. policy of mutual assured destruction (MAD), under which the United States and the Soviet Union each retained the nuclear capability to retaliate and destroy the other in the event of a nuclear attack. Reagan apparently first encountered the…

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Son Claims Reagan Had Alzheimer’s As President

The disclosure has been made in Ron Reagan’s new book, ‘My Father at 100,’ released Tuesday. The release coincides with Reagan’s 100th birth anniversary next month. In the memoir releasing Tuesday, Reagan’s youngest son reveals that his father showed symptoms of early stage of Alzheimer’s during the mid 1980s. Symptoms of the disorder Ron stated that he started getting worried…

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Where Did President Ronald Reagan Go to College?

Ask anybody: “Who are the great men in human history?” Likely you will hear names such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, or perhaps even Ronald Reagan. What do these men have in common? What made them great? They were successful because they were powerful, and with this power…

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