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Finding the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

Weddings are the most exciting moments for women. And there is probably no other occasion in the world that can match her interest, enthusiasm, energy and zeal as when she is preparing for her own wedding. Of course, there will be many things to consider. This is, so much more than agreeing to her beau that she will be his…

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White Wedding – Colorful Reception

For brides who are torn between having a traditional white wedding and a festive colorful wedding, there is a great option: have both! One trend that is on the rise is to have a very classic white wedding ceremony followed by a reception with a vibrant and vivid color scheme. For tips on how to pull off this dual style…

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Unique Ideas For a Unique Wedding Reception

The wedding reception has always been a key part of the wedding day. It is the time after the more subdued ceremony where you as the bride can celebrate your newlywed status with your friends and family. This is also one of the biggest challenges to your planning. There are so many details you need to look over and be…

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