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Wedding Photos In Toronto

If you live in Toronto and are planning a wedding, make it a point to find yourself the best photographer you can afford. This is as important as any other arrangement you make for the festive occasion. One thing that almost every wedding on Earth has in common, irrespective of culture, financial situation, or remoteness of people living in any…

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Wedding Memories In Toronto

Traditional weddings in Canada seem to be on the wane. In some areas, for the first time in history, more adults are remaining unmarried than adults that marry. In the 2006 poll it was seen that 48.5% of the adult population in Canada were married. It doesnt mean that people are necessarily just divorced or remaining single. This means that…

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Wedding Video in Toronto

WEVA is the acronym for ‘Wedding and Event Videographers Association International’.  Videographers under this umbrella organisation are certainly not the only top class professionals you can get.  But this can be a start for your search for someone who can take the wonderful video of your wedding that will keep the day fresh in your memories for the rest of…

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